At GnuPharma we are committed to finding answers for autism.  In our world human health looks a bit different than we have been taught in school.  This allows us a certain freedom to view disease states in new and unique ways.  The “answers” that we have for autism will be therapies using natural products and dietary interventions.  We do not claim, by any means, to have autism “figured out”.  What we do have is alot of evidence of what is happening under autism and some potential supplements to get function back in the normal range.
Autism is an incredibly sophisticated disease.  Is it a disease of the gut?  Yes.  Is it a disease of the mind?  Yes.  Is it a metabolic disease?  Yes.  
So let’s talk it through…and also understand that the consequences of what we put forth will be somewhat consistent, but always with nuances.  We work on three major systems.  A fatty acid processing system which is how we store energy and chemical mediators for the future.  A control system called the endocannabinoid system.  And finally a bacterial based system, which resides in our guts, and is responsible for building our mental and emotional chemical mediators.  It appears that autistic people have lost some of their abilities to process fatty acids.  When you lose your ability to process fatty acids, or when the gene expressions of the enzymes you need to process fats are off, then MAJOR adjustments to function have to be made.  Most of the anti-inflammatories that we need to function are built through fatty acid processing.  In fact, if you cannot process fatty acids then you cannot make DHA, EPA, or arachidonic acid which is where endocannabinoid come from.  Without these CRITICAL mediators, function will suffer and frankly this should almost be fatal.
However, the human body is resilient.  It finds work arounds, even to the most critical of functions, and stays alive.  Since autistic folks cannot build anti-inflammatories the way you and I do, they have to have a workaround.  That workaround appears to happen in their guts.  Their guts are vastly different from a “normal” human gut.  Why?  They have to pick up the slack left by no fatty acid processing, so the gut builds anti-inflammatories.  These are shorter chain fatty acids which exist in abundance with autism.  Proponic acid, which is one of these anti-inflammatories will cause autism in rats when injected with it.  Salt reverses the effects and you can reverse the effects of propionic acid with salt.  If you know someone with severe autism, dollars to donuts says they will eat ALOT of salt.  While still unknown, the action of the gut to “save the life” of someone with broken fatty acid processing, might be the very thing which causes autism.
How and why does fatty acid processing get shut down?  That is the subject of the next blog!
Chip Paul

Chip Paul

Chief Innovator and Researcher at GnuPharma and Answers 4 Autism

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