Autism Under the GnuPharma Model

Autism Under the GnuPharma Model Autism is a medical condition which is extremely complicated and complex, or is it?  It is almost undoubtedly caused by oxidative stress which impacts metabolism.    We readily understand that if we do not put oil in our cars that we will have issues.  Our cars will not run as intended.  […]

A Families Autism Journey

Ten years ago, my husband and I were just getting started on our families Autism journey. At that point in time our son was three years old, our daughter was two, and we were just coming to terms with both of them being diagnosed with Autism. Of course, at that time we started all of […]

Diet, Environment, Fat Processing, and Autism

At GnuPharma and Answers 4 Autism, we are deep into research on human function.  We view human function a bit different than you were taught in high school.  You may initially think that our science is just “too complicated”, but what it really gets down to are diet and environment.   Environmentally we are extremely […]

Stop Eating Corn Syrup

I live an interesting life.  I read research papers everyday.  Research into human function, how we work, how we store nutrients, how we fuel our magnificent bodies.  Well, I can 100% tell you this, we have been misinformed about how we work.  Whether on purpose, or by confusion, or by overload…we have been misled. So, […]

Autism Through New Eyes

At GnuPharma we are committed to finding answers for autism.  In our world human health looks a bit different than we have been taught in school.  This allows us a certain freedom to view disease states in new and unique ways.  The “answers” that we have for autism will be therapies using natural products and dietary […]