At GnuPharma and Answers 4 Autism, we are deep into research on human function.  We view human function a bit different than you were taught in high school.  You may initially think that our science is just “too complicated”, but what it really gets down to are diet and environment.  

Environmentally we are extremely delicate creatures.  Our bodies are constantly responding to stimulus from things we breathe in and things we experience through our skin and other senses.  While they are extreme examples, one can easily research the genetic mutations caused by lead, cigarette smoke, and other toxins.  Every time you take a breathe, you are altering your genetic expression.  Every time you take a breathe you are dealing with a myriad of bacterial, viral, and toxic elements.  Our bodies are masterful at dealing with these issues, however, if repeatedly exposed, then THAT is where the problems come in.

So what about diet?  While we really do not think about it, diet certainly changes our genetic expressions.  Let’s think about it in terms of a deer.  A deer that lives in a desert in New Mexico will have a much harder time finding food than a deer that lives in abundance in a forest.  The New Mexico deer will have a different genetic expression based on diet.  You can think of it like “sugar” processing vs “fat” processing.  Our bodies, the deers bodies, and all mammals want to “briefly” use sugar to manipulate and store fat.  In times where we are not eating, we use the fat we stored as energy and chemical mediators.  Our muscles, liver, cells, and almost every function in us is designed to run fat over sugar.  We use sugar as quick energy and to do quick work.   Athletes can tell you all about this and how it works in muscles.  You can “fool” your body into extra sugar processing and potentially run your muscle a bit harder, but you do not want to do this for to long.
BTW..a quick observation on our deer.  In the wild, does our deer get auto-immunes?  Crohns disease?  IBS?  Is our deer obese?  Does our deer have diabetes?  NO!  It is only when we bring that deer into captivity and feed that deer our diet does it begin to get sick.  Why?  It is all the sugars in our diet!  We are “fooling” our bodies into thinking we are living in a fruit rich jungle.  So what do we do?  We shut off our fat processing, use the sugars, and start trying to store every bit of fat we can get our hands on.  As our muscles begin to sugar processes and continue to, they get weaker.  When we do not fat process we cannot handle inflammation and suffer from inflammation related disorders.
What happens when you are suffering from an allergy?  Would you get inflammation?  Would you get an infection?  Our bodies are designed to handle things like infections and inflammation on a short term basis.  Research is showing that when we are chronically inflamed and chronicle infected our bodies begin to change.  We begin to sugar process over fat process.  The platelets in our blood become more gummy.
So, we are allergic to things which get us chronically inflamed and infected.  This causes us to FLIP to sugar processing if it happens chronically.  Then we feed ourselves MORE sugar from our diets while everything in our diets is signally our bodies to process sugar.  Do you see the problem?
So what can we do?  We can begin to change this situation through several changes in behavior.  First, understand food allergies.  Stay away from all gluten!  For thickners use things like chia seeds (which are a big source of omega 3 fatty acids).  Hemp hearts are very nutritious and contain many things we are lacking.  Stay away from corn syrup.  This will be tough as almost everything in our processed diets have some corn syrup.  If you need sugar eat natural fruits and make sure they have citric acid in them.  Citric acid is a natural “rate limiter” on how long we will process the sugars in fruits.  A triglyceride will store 3 parts fat to every part sugar, so perhaps a good guide as to fat/sugar ratio.
If you are in a autistic situation then this will be harder.  Dietary changes are difficult and frankly the amount of sugar and carbohydrates a more severe autistic patient will eat are staggering.  They NEED these to fuel process in their guts that are, frankly, saving their lives.  So, go slow!  If you like hamburgers, try mixing some chia seed with your hamburger meat.  Check those labels for corn syrup and try to adjust to more fruit based snacks with citric acid.
We are not designed to be sick, we are designed to be healthy.  When we understand what resources we need, this will all get easier…until then, let’s enjoy the journey!
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